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General Admission:  $10
Class Tickets:  $15
Paranormal Bootcamp:  $50
Psychic Workshop:  $40
Gallery Reading with Ankhasha:  $35
(Only 25 tickets available for Gallery Reading)

Each ticket you purchase/register for will come with a specific link to a webinar-style workshop or live feed all via ZOOM. Get each ticket at on this page!

Here is a list of events included with General Admission for the weekend:

Conference Welcome and Tour of the Port Gamble Historic Museum
Friday Night: 6:00PM-7:00PM

Investigation of the Walker-Ames House Friday Night: 9:00PM-11:00PM

Investigation of the Port Gamble Theater Saturday Night: 9:00PM-11:00PM

Psychic Panel Discussion Sunday afternoon: 1:00PM-2:15PM

Roundtable Discussion Sunday afternoon: 2:30PM-4:00PM

Workshops 2020

Workshops 2020 Psychic Workshop .png

Learn to open your psychic gifts

Discover your Spirit Guides
Learn about reading locations and the people around you

Learn about seeing the history of a location


William is an international Psychic Medium, Psychic Life Coach and Teacher As a psychic medium, William helps others integrate spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes, readings, and psychic life coaching. A paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal realms with his Haunted Hot Spots, Finding Your Psychic Voice and paranormal investigation classes.


Vivien Powell is a natural Medium, for over 30 years, who has worked and served spiritualist churches in Greater London. She has studied at The College of Psychic Studies London and here she learned more about possession and spirit rescue. Vivien has gone on and helped people with problems in their home. Her research has taken her all over the world. Vivien is the Founder of
R A Paranormal & Supernatural (R.A.P.S).


William Becker

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Vivien Powell

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Great Documentary in the works! Check it out!

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Special Events

pggc mini gallery reading 2020.png

Are you curious how psychic mediums connect with the “other side?”

Join us for an exclusive evening with professional psychic medium, speaker, and media personality Ankhasha Amenti, who will give a unique view into the history of mediumship and how the process works. She will give a demonstration of her abilities by offering readings to members of the audience and will also answer your burning questions. As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Ankhasha Amenti is one of a select group of highly respected mediums who has shown the ability to deliver meaningful messages from departed loved ones. Don’t miss this exciting evening of discovery and messages from the other side. (Not all attendees are guaranteed a reading)

Tickets are $35 and a max of 25 available for this truly amazing experience.

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Panel Discussions

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Investigation Locations

Walker Ames Dossier 2017_Page_1.jpg
Walker Ames Dossier 2017_Page_2.jpg

Friday November 6th: 9:00PM - 11:00PM

Walker-Ames House (1888-1889)

-Included with General Admission Ticket

Theater Dossier 2017_Page_1.jpg
Theater Dossier 2017_Page_2.jpg

Saturday November 7th: 9:00PM - 11:00PM

Port Gamble Theater (1906)

-Included with General Admission Ticket


2020 Virtual Ghost Conference Classes

$15/Ticket. Each class will have a unique link for the class session via ZOOM.

PGGC Class Seth Michael 2020.png

Seth Michael is a natural born psychic/medium with over 30 years of experience giving formal readings. In addition to his work doing private and larger group readings, he co-founded a paranormal team called White Light Paranormal Insight where he is a Medium and the Director of Spiritual Resolves. Seth also co-hosted web radios show called, Mystic Light and Shadows, and Into the Light with Seth Michael and Teresa Kleve on Blog talk radio. Seth Michael is also the primary focus of the, “All Around Us,” documentary. He currently does one on one virtual classes and mentorship sessions. Seth Michael’s passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self and honing in on their own individual strengths.

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PGGC Class Ankhasha 2020.png

Ankhasha Amenti is a professional Psychic Medium, a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regressions, and a Field Investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations.  She has appeared on Television, radio, and in the books “Ghost Hunting-How to Investigate the Paranormal” “A Paranormal Casebook” and “The Ghost Detectives Guide to Haunted San Francisco” by Loyd Auerbach.  In June of 2011, she was invited to become a Windbridge Certified Research Medium (WCRM).  Her certification involved eight thorough screening, testing, and training steps during which her ability to report accurate and specific information about the deceased was scientifically tested under blinded conditions by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Julie Beischel, PhD. 

Ankhasha is a contributing author for “Ghost” magazine and is an ordained minister.  Having spent 12 years in a devout religious structure, she is able to assist others in transcending the myths and constraints of belief systems.  A lifelong interest in ancient practices and rituals inspire her work. Her commitment is to give each of her clients a meaningful, insightful consultation that will not only bring comfort, but bring forward specific information that will assure them that their loved ones continue on from the other side.  Because of her support of the Hospice program she received the Annual Hospice Service Award for 2011 from the Providence Hospice of Seattle.


"I live in beautiful Washington State and love the misty forests and the green, green, green everywhere!  It reminds me of my ancestor’s home in Scotland.  My ancestor Agnes Imlay (Imlach) was burned at the stake as a Witch in 1597 in Aberdeen, Scotland and I feel very connected to her through the centuries.  I live in a magical home with my beloved husband of 30 years, my amazing dogs and magical black cat.  I always celebrate my birthday with a Halloween party and have a weakness for anything coconut!  I don’t care what is the highest vibrational color as black is my favorite (until they make something darker). 

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PGGC Class Mary Bethune 2020.png
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Mary has been for the last 11 years a local paranormal investigator , co founder ,past case manager and current co team leader for Team O.P.P.S She is an avid Instrumental Transcommunication Researcher and Practitioner, specializing in the Ghost Box and Direct Voice Radio communication.

From a young age, Mary has had prophetic dreams and has seen and heard spirits.

She is also is an Afterlife researcher, hoping to teach and help everyone realize that life goes on after death. She is actively involved with the spirit contact team at the North American station and was trained by Rochelle Wright MS, LMHC,CDP in Repair and reattachment Grief therapy, which opens up communication with those on the other side.

She has been a medical practitioner for 45 years, lives in Bremerton, WA