No General Admission in 2020. All tickets will be event-specific.

A three day mini-conference with workshops, gallery reading, tours, and investigations of the paranormal in Port Gamble, WA. 

Investigations are $10/ea (Walker-Ames/Masonic Lodge $20, Limit 16 people per investigation time slot). Tickets may be purchased online, or at the Conference Information Table (Masonic Lodge) during conference hours and will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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Ghost Conference
LOCAL Lodging

  • Port Gamble

    a. Port Gamble Guest Houses -- 360-930-8783


    a. Blue Water Inn – 360-297-3622

    b. Phoenix B&B – 360-297-8175


    a. Guest House Inn – 360-697-4400

    b. Poulsbo Inn – 360-779-3921 MENTION"Ghost Conference"

    c. Murphy House Bed & Breakfast – 360-779-1600

    d. Farm Kitchen Guest House – 360-297-6615

    e. Green Cat Guest House & B&B – 360-779-7569

    f. Hood Canal Grand Cottage – 360-509-9797

    g. Kitsap Memorial Park Sleeper Cabins – 360-779-3205

    h. Morgan Hill Retreat – 360-598-4930

    i. Foxbrier Cottage – 360-779-7263


    a. The Point Casino & Hotel - 360-340-9700
    a. Hood Canal Guest House – 360-638-1400

    b. Milky Way Farm – 360-638-1811

    c. Point No Point Lighthouse Keepers House – 415-362-7255


    a. Clearwater Casino Resort – 360-598-3399

    Port Ludlow
    a.  The Resort at Port Ludlow - (360) 437-7000


Ghost Conference

  • Port Gamble

    a. Port Gamble General Store
    b. Butcher & Baker Provisions
    c. House 11 Taproom 
    d. Gamble Bay Coffee
    e. Scratch Kitchen

  • Kingston

  • a. Puerto Vallarta

    b. Main Street Ale House

    c. The Grub Hut

    d. Filling Station Restaurant

    e. Kafe Neo

    f. Drifters Galley Restaurant

    g. McDonald’s

    h. Subway

  • Find all of the great places in North Kitsap @ 
    Washington's Sanctuary Shore

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Mini-Ghost Conference
LOCAL 2019 Lodging Specials
(2020 coming soon)

The Point Hotel & Casino

General Admission



$149 a night

Includes $10 food credit/$10 in slot promo play.


Valid 11/08 or 11/09

Based on double occupancy.

Call (360) 340-9700 for reservations

Keyword “Spooky” and be sure to mention the
Port Gamble Ghost Conference

The Poulsbo Inn & Suites

Conference Special!

"Ghost Conference"

$88 a night

Queen or DBL Queen

Valid 11/08 or 11/09

Call (360) 779-3921 for reservations

Keyword “Ghost Conference”

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2019 Ghost Conference Speakers/Classes


William Becker


As a psychic and medium, William works with others to integrate their own specific spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes and events, speaking engagements, several types of readings, mentoring, and psychic life coaching.  A paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal realms with his Haunted Hotspots events, Finding your Psychic Voice classes, Past and Between life and other reading.  His philosophy is that the more we know of our past lives as well as the beings and worlds around us, the better we know how to more fully experience and live this life. 

William been interviewed on several paranormal radio shows, has his own magazine column and blog and has been interviewed by state wide and local newspapers.  He is also an author.

His work promotes the respectful communication and understanding of the beings and worlds around us.
William provides his services in person, as well as by telephone, email, or Skype. He also gives location and other readings remotely.   Services are available for groups or on a one-on-one basis.  William also has a new book out called "Paranormal Insights, A Visual Para-History of Oregon and Washington" which will be available for purchase at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference.

Teresa Carol


Teresa Carol is an Intuitive Counselor, and ordained Minister, a Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner, a retired Washington State Counselor and the author of All Spooked Up & How to Spook Yourself Up - A Manual for Paranormal Investigation. She holds a degree in Psychology. Since 1985 Teresa has worked as a professional Life Coach and teacher of metaphysics, spiritual awakening and psychic development. Having traveled to over 29 countries, Teresa has studied healing, Shamanism and spirituality directly from indigenous people. Featured on Evening Magazine, and listed in Who's Who of Extraordinary People, she has been a guest on countless television and radio programs, as well as interviewed in newspapers and magazines. Teresa believes people have their own answers; they just need the opportunity and the skills to bring it all together. Working and teaching full time as a Life Coach and an Intuitive, she lives an extraordinary life and offers to share her insights to empower others. Currently, Teresa is writing a series of children's books designed to help with psychic and spiritual emergence. Her focus is "helping individuals help themselves." Her specialties include paranormal investigation, psychic readings, Mediumship, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Numerology, Tarot, Palm, Shamanism, Tea Leaf and Aura Readings, Healings, BEST and Life Coach. 

Neil McNeill


Neil McNeill has been in the field of parapsychology and paranormal education since 1993.  He has served as a parapsychology consultant for television, film, and print media, and is regularly asked to speak at ghost conferences, paranormal events, and for literary and other professional groups.  Neil is a member of the Rhine Research Institute, the Parapsychological Association, and the Seattle Consciousness Education & Research Society.  Since 2008, Neil has taught college-level courses about the science and history of parapsychology and paranormal investigation, which are offered year-round at Seattle-area community colleges.  Neil's current project is an educational DVD called "Dark & Stormy Nights: Parapsychology for Ghost Hunters" based on his popular classes, out for sale now.  Neil currently lives in Seattle.


Casey Goodwin


As a SoCal native, I got my start in the early '90s chasing haunts and local legends in my hometown of Whittier, California. Spending many nights staked out at abandoned homes with sordid pasts, I eventually made my way to other notorious locations in and around the city of angels. In 1994 I relocated to Clackamas, Oregon where I continued to study paranormal phenomena, but in the form of books by such notables as William Roll, Loyd Auerbach, Hanz Holzer and Barry Taff.


In January of 2009 I co-founded Oregon Paranormal with my good friend Scott Riedel. Our purpose was not only to help move the field forward by testing theories and developing new investigative techniques. It was also about helping families and individuals who had been dealt a sometimes terrifying hand. Since forming Oregon Paranormal I've conducted a number of investigations between residential, commercial, and historical sites, including joint investigations with others teams and independent researchers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Karen Anderson


Karen Anderson is an award-winning Afterlife Expert and Animal Communicator, a #1 bestselling author, and the recipient of 16 national and international book awards. 


Karen has written two books, 'The Amazing Afterlife of Animals' and 'Hear All Creatures' and has collaborated on two others.  She offers a signature Animal Communication Coaching program and mentors spiritually motivated women entrepreneurs. 


Karen resides on her farm near Spokane, Washington and is currently writing her next bestseller. 

Darren Thompson


Darren Thompson is president and co-founder of WSPIR (Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research). WSPIR is a paranormal investigation, research, and education organization and represents The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) for Washington state. He is also the liaison for the Western Zone of the TAPS Family. WSPIR/TAPS focuses on helping families having negative experiences with the paranormal.

Darren is an engineer with a large telecommunications company with a strong technical background.

“At my first paranormal conference I was intrigued by a class offered on Ghost Hunting tools. I quickly discovered that many of these tools were things I used in my work in the wireless communication industry and in my music. It is important to thoroughly understand how and what use the equipment was designed for in order to adapt it for paranormal investigating. You cannot help others or yourself if you do not understand the equipment you are using.

Mackenna Long


Mackenna Long is a psychic medium and also a hypnotherapist specializing past life regression.  She feels that many of our current life challenges can be from an experience from past lives and she helps to connect the two timelines. Mackenna also uses Theta healing. As an empath she connects with an individual to see what hidden beliefs or issues that are affecting their lives.  She loves when she can bring peace to a person after they hear from a loved one who has crossed over.

Mackenna is on the paranormal team Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society which investigates places like Montana State Prison and The Walker Ames House

Mari Beckman


I've been on my spiritual path and awakened psychically for about ten years. I'm a medium, yes, I can see your dead people! I work with my guide, Clara Barton, (yep, she's dead, too!) and use a variety of techniques to help people with all kinds of ailments to bring about good mental and physical health

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Ankhasha Amenti

Gallery Reading

Ankhasha Amenti is a professional psychic medium and a hypnotist specializing in past life regressions. She is also a paranormal investigator, having appeared on television and in the books “The Ghost Hunters Guide to San Francisco,” “How to Investigate the Paranormal,” and “A Paranormal Casebook,” written by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. Ankhasha is a Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential, a contributing author for Ghost magazine and an ordained minister. Having spent 12 years in a devout religious structure, she is able to assist others in transcending the myths and constraints of outdated belief systems. For more than 30 years, Ankhasha has been bringing healing and comfort to people around the world by connecting them with their loved ones through her gift of mediumship. Ankhasha is available for private or group readings, spiritual development classes, psychic development workshops, past life regressions, tarot, and more. She helps her clients to find the tools to create inner happiness and peace. A lifelong interest in ancient magical practices and rituals inspire her work.

June Antoinette-Nixon


June Antoinette Nixon is the Vice President and Client Coordinator of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.). But you can ask the rest of the team and they’ll quickly tell you that June is the heart of the group as well as the glue that keeps them bonded. She is a high level Administrative Assistant by day and a Paranormal Investigator by night, her calm and soothing demeanor helps her in her work life as well as with her teammates. When she is not investigating, she loves to travel the world. Her love of culture, history and music drives her quest for knowledge about the people that lived in the places she visits. In the past, being a professional Opera singer, she now occasionally sings jazz around Seattle. One of her favorite things to do when investigating a historic area, is learn what songs were popular at the time and try to sing them as a trigger for a spirit to sing along or just comment (or throw rocks, she says laughing). Check out – also search for AGHOST on Facebook, she also helps out at Spooked in Seattle on their public ghost hunts.

Mary Bethune

I am a Board Certified Physician Assistant with over 30 years of experience in emergency medicine. I have been a paranormal investigator my whole life, but hey I didn’t know it! Throughout my whole life, I have been clairaudient, sentient, seen spirits, and had accurate prophetic dreams.My passion is to help other to realize that life does not end, to help others with grief and of course to be involved in our community by investigating and educating.I am a member of the AAEVP, The WindBridge Institute, IONS, ITC Bridge Project, Physical Mediumship for You, Forever Family Foundation, The Rhine Research Center and The Monroe Institute. I am a foundation member for the restoration of the fabulous MCreavy  House in Union , Washington and have signed up for volunteer work at another great place, Bremerton Community Theater in Bremerton Washington.



Breannan is a psychic medium specializing in ghost communication and house clearings. As a child, Breannan lived in a haunted home where a ghost appeared to her and would communicate with her through her clairaudience  and clarisentience. These presences were also known to move, and at times, break objects. Breannan learned to be at peace with her abilities and with ghosts. Today, Breannan is adept at gaining information as to who the presences are, why they stay, what they need, and counsels them to leave and not return. She also connects with the deceased and can provide messages from them to their loved ones. 
As an adult, Breannan participated in several ghost investigation groups and continues her work in the field. 

Linda Myers


Linda, is a Reiki Master who has over thirty years of international training and investigations in the paranormal field.  She has trained under several well known psychics and paranormal teachers and has been included in investigations with high profile paranormal researchers.

Since the loss of her brother, Linda Myers, has traveled internationally to explore and study the paranormal with various shamanic teachers. She was found to be very intuitive, when tested for psychic abilities by the Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia.  As a professional USAF airplane mechanic she has a highly developed knack of applying the technical to the paranormal field.

Scott Power


Scott Power is the Tech Manager for Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society. He has been involved in many investigations in the state of Washington. He continues to conduct research with new technology to gauge their effectiveness in the scientific process of paranormal investigations. He has experience in using DVR systems, digital camera photography, full-spectrum photography, audio recorders of many different varieties, EMF detectors, ghost box and dowsing rods, to name a few. He is versed in both video and audio analysis for evidence review. Scott’s experience includes a history as a college professor in the sciences and medical field.

Jake Rice


Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice is the creator of, a paranormal blog. It focuses on the latest in ghost hunting, including tips, tricks, gadgets, and reviews. It also documents AGHOST's ghost hunts in gory detail. Recently, he’s created a podcast for ghost hunters, and a book series, which covers ghost hunting, gadgets and more. 

Jake has investigated the paranormal for more than 12 years. Some of his more well-known investigations include The Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago), Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Colorado Street Bridge (Pasadena), Queen Mary, Preston Castle, and the Walker-Ames House among others.

While growing up, Jake split time between Madison, Wisconsin and Ottawa, Ontario. He was a codebreaker for the US Army during his enlistment, and spent most of his adult life in Chicago.  Now, he lives in Burien with his family and works in the analytics department for a search engine by day.

Seth Michael


Seth Michael is a natural born psychic/medium with over 28 years of experience giving formal readings. In addition to his work doing private and larger group readings, he co-founded a paranormal team called White Light Paranormal Insight where he is a Medium and the Director of Spiritual Resolves. Seth also co-hosted a web radio show called, Into the Light with Seth Michael and Teresa Kleve on Blog talk radio, and is an instructor of various workshops at the Vision Collective Studio in Portland, Oregon, along with on-line classes. Seth Michael is also the primary focus of the, “All Around Us,” documentary currently in production. Seth’s passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self and honing in on their own individual strengths.

Pete Orbea

Conference Coordinator

 Pete has the pleasure of working in the historic town of Port Gamble as the Weddings & Events Supervisor. Part of his job is leading the popular Ghost Walks, Special Investigations and coordinating the Port Gamble Ghost Conference which has given him the opportunity to develop his skills for investigating the paranormal.

After living in Port Gamble for a few years and getting to know many other people with a strong interest in studying the paranormal, he felt right at home in the haunted historic town. After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society (2013) and Paranormal Research & Investigations WA, Pete was excited to be a part of great teams and is looking forward to a journey of continued growth and knowledge of the paranormal.

Tomasz Kordowski


It began with a William Fuld Ouija Board at age 13. By age 16, mausoleum exploration and experiments with electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings became a commonplace after school activity. Communication in the following years with the other side via energy circles, Ouija boards, or EVP capture would yield disembodied footsteps, voices, and other abnormal unsettlings. And he brought it all upon himself.

A certified audio engineer, Tomasz rolled with the Portland Oregon Paranormal Society (P.O.P.S.) from 2009-2014, putting his audio engineering training to use as Lead EVP Analyst. On any given night, he might utilize a multi-track recording system to capture sounds throughout several rooms at once, allowing for comprehensive analysis of the same audio event from different sections of the establishment. Then later, for entertainment, he would find solace in listening to hours of static in a vein attempt to find evidence of someone that isn't really there, editing, and polishing audio slices. He has captured EVPs from many residential locations and commercial establishments, such as downtown Portland's former U.S. Customs House, the Benson Hotel, and the Hollywood Theater. He was acting director of P.O.P.S. throughout 2014.

Tomasz is a freelance EVP Specialist, artist and comedy/improv musician in Portland, Oregon. He is the founder of Wedgie Bird; custom and original spirit boards. During normal-person hours, he functions as an instructional/graphic designer for a large corporation that makes airplanes and starts with a 'B'.

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